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I am a post-graduate trained physiotherapist, Pilates instructor and mother-of-two. I am super passionate about helping women during pregnancy and beyond, to feel fit, strong and healthy.

Oh and I’m a third Dan black belt in Taekwondo.

I taught Pilates during both of my pregnancies and found it so beneficial in maintaining my own health and wellbeing during pregnancy, but also for my recovery after birth.

I first started working with the ante and postnatal population back in 2003 when I was running hydrotherapy classes at a private hospital in Perth. I loved running these classes – I felt the excitement of these mums-to-be and I truly enjoyed spending time with the new mums and their babies. I look back now and smile at how naive I was about what the human body goes through during pregnancy and after birth! Although my classes were great fun and the clients loved them, I had no firsthand knowledge of what it felt like to give birth and how weak you are in the immediate postpartum period. If only I knew then what I know now!

I went on to work in London in both the public hospital system and in private clinics, where I was frequently treating women with pregnancy related back/pelvic pain and designing exercise programs for the postnatal mums. In 2004, I started my Pilates training and in 2010, I completed the antenatal/postnatal Pilates training while pregnant with my second child. That is when my passion for working in this field really took off.

When I moved to Perth in 2013 and saw a real gap in the market for high quality, appropriate exercise classes for women during this stage of their life – thus Dynamic Strength Physiotherapy was born.

The classes started out as purely exercise classes, but I soon realised that my clients wanted more. They wanted to be better informed. They wanted to have better births. So I changed up the program and introduced education segments to each class – and they have gone from strength to strength.

Seated stretch
Marika is trained in matwork and equipment pilates
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My classes are just that little bit different. I don’t prescribe to one way of teaching as I believe that there is no “right” or “correct” way to exercise – there are just better ways of doing things, that do not put excessive strain on the body during what is already a physically and emotionally demanding time. Although the classes are pilates based, they are not traditional in any sense of the word as they draw from my years of physiotherapy experience, my martial arts training, as well as the courses I have done in strength and conditioning.

And I’m nitpicky. I’m not going to let you stand with poor posture. I won’t let you do exercises which put too much pressure on your pelvic floor or which allow your tummy muscles to bulge. 

But I will gradually load your tissues (esp postnatally) in order to build your strength and get you strong enough to get back into the things that you love.

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  • Bachelor of Science (Physiotherapy)  Curtin University. Graduated 1999
  • Master of Science (Manual Therapy). University of Western Australia. Graduated Nov 2006
  • Australian Physiotherapy Association Titled Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist (title reserved for those who have done substantial postgraduate training in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy)
  • Member Women’s Health and Continence special interest group – Australian Physiotherapy Association
  • Pilates training: Matwork levels 1-2. Equipment training levels 1-4. Antenatal/Postnatal Pilates
  • Course Curtin University: Musculoskeletal pain during the childbearing years 2014
  • Strength and conditioning course 2012
  • Regular postgraduate courses/training over 15 year period
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So you have decided to do Pilates and are looking at all the options available to you. You see that there are classes run at local gyms, Pilates centres, physiotherapy clinics and community centres. How do you choose?


Why would you choose a physiotherapist over other Pilates instructors?

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  • Physiotherapists are trained in anatomy and physiology at university level.
  • Physiotherapists learn about appropriate exercise in the childbearing year and precautions to be aware of.
  • Physiotherapists treat spinal and pelvic pain during the childbearing year, and can provide appropriate advice and exercise modification.
  • Physiotherapists are trained to recognise signs of pelvic floor dysfunction and to refer appropriately.


Why choose Dynamic Strength Physiotherapy?

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  • Marika has been teaching Pilates in a clinical setting for ten years. She has completed specific training in ante- and post-natal Pilates and has utilised it herself while pregnant and following the birth of her two children
  • As you will be taught by a registered physiotherapist, you can receive money back from your health insurance fund
  • It is very difficult to find postnatal exercise classes where you can take your baby along. Our Mums and Bubs classes are designed specifically so that you can bring your baby and interact with him/her in the class
  • Our locations are easy to access and have free parking. Our Ardross location also has cafes within walking distance
  • Our pregnancy classes will work on getting you physically and mentally ready for birth. They will include a period of relaxation and visualisation at the end -leaving you feeling calm


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I also run a business called Herasphere, providing free online educational content to women who are pregnant or just had a baby. Herasphere offers an online Pregnancy Club – Pilates -based exercise programs and education specific to where women are in their pregnancy. Make sure you go and check out Herasphere, get your free ebook “Ten Essential Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy” and stay up to date with all the latest blogs and interviews with leading experts in maternal and child health.

Free pregnancy ebook