Postnatal Level One

The Foundation Course

Many new mums feel weak after birth. They feel that their body is somewhat disconnected and that they can’t do things as easily as they would like.

Some have weak pelvic floor muscles and occasionally leak urine when they cough or sneeze (or do something more strenuous). Others have low back pain made worse by carrying the baby, feeding or getting the car seat in and out of the car!

At times it is confusing as to what exercise should be done in the early postnatal period. There are people on Instagram doing heavy weights and running within weeks of giving birth… but for most women, this just does not feel right!

This is why I have created the Foundation Course – to help you sift through the information and find out what works best FOR YOU! Because, guess what? Every body is different and every woman has a different recovery process. I am going to help you learn more about YOUR body – to help you learn where you need to focus your attention and when your body is ready to take things up to the next level.

This class is designed for those who:

- haven’t done any postnatal exercise yet

- have weak pelvic floor muscles

- have a diastasis (tummy muscle gap)

- have low back or pelvic pain

Class Format

I recommend all my postnatal clients have an assessment with a Women’s Health Physiotherapist prior to starting the class. The information that you get from this assessment will greatly assist you in your rehabilitation process and can be easily incorporated into the class structure.

Each class consists of around 15 mins of education and 55 minutes of exercise.
Although the focus is on alignment/posture, breathing, pelvic floor muscle activation/endurance, lifting techniques etc…don’t worry, you will still get a work out.

This is suitable for those who have had a c-section or a vaginal delivery.

What we cover:

Week 1: Alignment/posture, diastasis check, breathing patterns, stretching, basic pelvic floor muscle information

Week 2: More detail on pelvic floor muscles and diastasis of rectus abdominis (incl self assessment of DRA), learn about what turns the pelvic floor on:off, and how to progress the pelvic floor muscles with movement

Week 3: Diet, rest for recovery, support network - healing mindset

Week 4: Motherhood movement patterns and back care- sitting posture, lifting baby, carriers etc squat, push, pull, bend over,

Week 5: Returning to sport/postnatal exercise

Why Dynamic Strength Physio?

Conducted by a physiotherapist with over 15 years of experience, these Postnatal classes provide so much more than standard exercise classes.

Foundational 5-week course $180

This can amount to as little as $13 per class, depending on your health insurance rebate.

New block commencement weeks 2017:

5th Jan                                                                                        17th July

30th Jan                                                                                      21st August

6th March                                                                                   9th October

24th April                                                                                   13th November

29th May

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