Physiotherapy Treatment and Rehabilitation


Do you need a little one:one attention?

Maybe you are in pain and you feel that you need more individualised care to get moving better.

Maybe you know that you should be exercising more , but you have really never exercised before and the idea of exercising with others feels very intimidating.

Perhaps you have a more complicated medical history and a generic exercise program just isn’t going to cut it for you.

Maybe you have incontinence, symptoms of prolapse or pain with intercourse and you’d like to work with a physiotherapist who will take her time with you and really listen to what is going on.

This is where I come in…

I probably do things a little differently to what you have experienced before. Yes I have an undergraduate degree in Physiotherapy and I have great hands-on skills thanks to my 19 years of experience and a masters degree in Manual Therapy. But… my true passion lies in teaching movement and exercise; helping people achieve their health and fitness goals. These goals might be something as simple as you wanting to lift up your child without pain or to get up off the floor independently. Or it might be to achieve athletic success such as running a marathon or joining a netball team after having a baby.

In recent years I have also trained in pelvic health, achieving high distinctions across all units of a Postgraduate Certificate in Clinical Physiotherapy (Continence and Women’s Health) at Curtin University. This extra training enables me to provide a more holistic approach to your care.

I particularly love working with women who feel that their bodies have failed them. I  help women who have a large diastasis (tummy muscle gap) or pelvic floor weakness after having children, by teaching them how to move more efficiently and then building muscle strength and coordination.

I truly believe that the best way I can help you is to get you moving better and feeling stronger. We know from all the research that the magic bullet for management in just about every chronic disease under the sun…is exercise.

Diabetes, arthritis, cardiovascular disease, back pain, gestational diabetes and cancer – just to name a few – all have research to support the use of exercise in management.

I know that starting exercise can feel scary and a lot of questions might be popping into your mind.

“How do I start? What should I focus on? Is aerobic exercise good or bad? Should I be lifting weights or will I hurt myself? Will I look silly?”

I’m here to help you out with this.

Here’s what we’ll do together…

  1. We’ll sit down and have a good long chat (no, you won’t be in and out the door in 20 minutes with me!), run through your medical history and work out your goals. What is it that YOU want to achieve? What do you think might have held you back up until this point?
  2. As a physiotherapist I will want to see how you stand, move and breathe. I may want to do some specific tests on you and have a feel of how your joints and muscles work. If you are a pelvic health client, I may do an internal vaginal examination (with your consent of course!) or use real-time ultrasound to assess your pelvic floor muscle function.
  3. Based on your goals and my assessment, we will come up with a plan on how we can work together.
  4. I’ll do some hands-on release work if needed, to help you move and feel better.
  5. You get started! If you already have a gym membership, then I will run through a program with you over several sessions and send you on your way (with a review date sorted). If you would prefer to do one:one sessions on an ongoing basis, then you can continue to work with myself or one of the personal trainers at the studio. If you have a friend who you think could benefit from this service, then you can work together. There are so many options available!


Marika is available for individual sessions at The Pelvic Health Clinic in Alfred Cove (near Applecross).

To book an appointment:

Ph: 08 6331 7776



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