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We specialize in supporting women through Pregnancy, Postnatal recovery and Beyond

New mums needs care too

Postnatal Level One

This class is designed for those who:

  • haven’t done any postnatal exercise yet
  • have weak pelvic floor muscles
  • have a diastasis (tummy muscle gap)
  • have low back or pelvic pain

So for the new mamas out there, come and join this beginners/foundation course and learn the best ways of exercising safely.

These classes consist of 15 minutes of education and 55 minutes of pilates-based exercise.

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Yes babies are welcome too!

Postnatal Level Two

This class is suitable for those who:

  • have already done some postnatal pilates or equivalent exercise
  • have minimal pain and good range of movement
  • have no leaking with everyday activities
  • are ready to progress to move challenging and dynamic exercises
  • want to increase the load through pelvic floor and abdominal muscles in a structured way, with monitoring
  • are keen to do some circuits!
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You can bring your baby along when you exercise

Postnatal Level Three

This is for those of you who:

  • have already done several blocks of intermediate pilates and are ready to take it up to the next level
  • have good pelvic floor awareness and no symptoms of pain/incontinence/prolapse
  • are ready to start doing some impact exercise such as running, but not sure how to go about it
  • want to progress back into doing more dynamic exercise (eg netball, volleyball) but don’t feel strong enough
  • want to be able to increase load through the pelvic floor in a structured way
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