Sometimes you need physiotherapy advice from the comfort of your own home…


Physiotherapy consults online

Hands on treatment actually makes up a very small part of my physiotherapy interactions. This allows for a relatively easy transition to online consultations.

A typical physiotherapy telehealth consult is performed via Zoom or Physitrack. This allows for video to be used – and it feels like a face to face transaction.

What happens in a telehealth appointment?

– I take a thorough history including symptoms, medical management to date and your goals

– I perform some physical tests by asking you to move your body in different ways, checking for pain or weakness.

– we discuss a treatment plan and I give you the options available to you. I provide you with an email summary of what we discussed and your home exercise program


We know that movement and exercise help with so many different health conditions including joint pain, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and anxiety/depression. 

 But if you don’t know how to get started, I’m here to help you!


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