Postnatal Level Three

This class is designed for those who:

Have already done several blocks of intermediate pilates and are ready to take it up to the next level

Have good pelvic floor awareness and no symptoms of pain/incontinence/prolapse

Are ready to start doing some impact exercise such as running, but not sure how to go about it

Want to progress back into doing more dynamic exercise (eg netball, volleyball) but don’t feel strong enough

Want to be able to increase load through the pelvic floor in a structured way

Class Format

This class consists of 55 mins of…pretty much anything!

The idea is to increase strength, balance and cardiovascular fitness, so the exercises can include:

  • matwork pilates
  • kettlebells
  • TRX (suspension training)
  • bodyweight circuits
  • barre combinations

and so much more!

Why Dynamic Strength Physio?

Conducted by a physiotherapist with over 15 years of experience, these Postnatal classes provide so much more than standard exercise classes.

Each 5-week course is $150

This can amount to as little as $10 per class, depending on your health insurance rebate.

New block commencement weeks 2018:

29th Jan                                                                                       20th August

5th March                                                                                    8th October

30th April                                                                                   12th November

4th June

16th July

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