Postnatal exercise

Want to learn more about exercise after pregnancy and childbirth?

Keen to get your pelvic floor and abdominal muscles working optimally and to relieve any aches and pain?

Available options

Online exercise classes

If you would like to work out in the comfort of your own home, then join our online exercise classes. Held every Wednesday 9-10am (WST), these sessions are suitable for all women who are at least 6 weeks postnatal. Sessions are progressive with the aim of helping you feel stronger and more at ease in your postnatal body. Bookings are through Body Logic Physiotherapy.
Cost $20.

One:one rehab

This  option is perfect if you have a specific goal in mind that you would like to work towards or if you need more individualised attention. You can choose to do your rehab in our gym at Lathlain or Marika can create a program for you to do at home / at your local gym. 

Small group sessions

These sessions are perfect for those who need more supervision and want to attend on a regular basis. In the small group sessions, you are not attending a “class” but rather doing your individualised program under the care of Marika, who will observe your technique and progress/regress your exercises as required. With only 3-4 people in the session, you can be sure to receive the attention that you need to achieve the goals that you are after.

You are not alone in your journey.

To optimise your postnatal recovery, email or call to make an appointment.